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Victa - 881908 Mustang Self Propelled 19" Alloy Mower



• Powered by Briggs & Stratton U.S. built OHV 163cc 725EXi

Series engine - Features QPT Technology

• QPT Technology - the ultimate in reduced noise and vibration


• ReadyStart® - Starting made easy! No Prime, No Choke,

Smooth Pull-Start!

• Quad Blade Cutting System - 4 swing-back blades deliver a

cleaner cut & improved catching in thick, wet grass!

• Ultimate Mulching Performance - Unique mulching bladedisc

design generates air-circulation beneath the mower

continually cutting the grass - creating a fine mulch!


• 163 cc OHV engine capacity with Mechanical Governor, Super

Lo-Tone(TM) Muffler and 9.8 Nm* of engine torque

• 19” (48cm) alloy chassis

• 13 to 72 mm adjustable cutting height

• Lifetime Catcher Warranty †

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