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Stihl BR450 Back Pack Blower


Powerful blower with adjustable blower tube and tool-free handle position adjustment. Perfect for conveniently removing lawn and hedge trimming, leaves or debris on large areas. Soft grip, STIHL anti-vibration system, wide shoulder straps, STIHL ElastoStart, 2-MIX engine, easy start logic, infinitely adjustable throttle with stop button and carrying handle.

Technical Details

Displacement cm³ 63.3

Power output kW 2.9

Weight kg 1) 10.6

Blowing force N 2) 28

Air speed mph 3) 186

Air speed with round nozzle m/s 83

Max. air speed m/s 99

Max. air throughput m³/h 4) 1430

Tank volume ml 1700

1) Weight excluding fuel, fully assembled

2) Combination of air speed and air throughput

3) With round nozzle in blower mode

4) Without blower attachment/nozzle

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