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Stihl AP200 Battery 36 Volt Battery


Light and powerful 36V Lithium-Ion battery. Ideal for homeowners and landscapers using STIHL's range of powerful cordless tools. The AP 200 battery provides an output of 118Wh. Complete with a 4 LED charge level indication, it is compatible with the AL 100 standard charger, AL 300 quick charger and AL 500 super charger. Due to the low weight of the AP 200, it's perfectly suited to machines where low weight is important such as the MSA 160 T arborist top handle chainsaw and the HSA Hedge Trimmers. 

STIHL batteries

Features and running times

STIHL batteries - Features and running times

At the heart of the STIHL cordless range are the innovative lithium-ion batteries. They have loads of power, a high energy density, long running times, short charging times, no memory effect and can be used with all STIHL cordless tools.

A comparison of battery charging times:

The batteries can be charged several hundred times without any appreciable loss of energy. Click to the Cordless Product Advisor to see an overview of the required charging times of the various batteries.

Features of STIHL batteries:

  • Durable and long-lasting
    STIHL batteries can be charged several hundred times without any measurable loss of energy. Even when they're only partially discharged, they still deliver the same great performance.
  • Constant performance
    The performance of STIHL batteries remains constant over the entire operating time. This means that you can work over long periods, just as you would with a petrol-powered tool.
  • Easy to change and charge
    STIHL batteries can be removed and replaced in a matter of seconds. The battery is fully charged when the LED light goes out (green while charging).

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