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Stihl MSA160T Battery Chainsaw - Excludes Battery & Charger


This cordless arborist chain saw sets new standards in ease of use for professional tree surgery. At just 1.9kg, this top-handle saw is a true lightweight for professional tree maintenance. Very easy to use and ergonomic, whether climbing a tree or working from a cherry picker, the machine fires up in seconds, accelerates promptly and is instantly ready for precise, powerful cutting. Due to its low noise level, it eliminates the need for ear protection, and makes it easier to communicate safely with colleagues on the ground. Great for removing deadwood and its clean cutting imporves overall tree health. Run time 23 mins (with AP 115 battery), 40 mins (with AP 180 battery), and 180 mins (with AR 900 backpack battery). Battery times may vary.

Technical data


Battery Capacity Ah 1.6

Runtime with AP 115 battery min 1) 23

Runtime with AP 180 battery min 40

Runtime with AR 900 Battery min 2) 180

Standard Guide Bar cm 30

Voltage V 36

Weight without battery kg 1.2


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