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Masport 7 Ton Log Splitter


Item Code: #552608


Heavy duty model. Solid and reliable.

The ram return is also spring loaded

making resetting for the next log fast and easy

Splits most logs in less than 12 seconds

Simple to operate and maintain

Rugged wide-stance design provides stability

Designed with two-handed safety switch

Electric power means less noise and no fumes

Use indoors or in covered areas

Wheels for portability


Motor: 2300W

Log Capacity – Diameter*: 5-32cm

Log Capacity Length: 52cm

Splitting Force: 7 Ton

Hydraulic Pressure: 16Mpa

Hydraulic Oil Capacity 6.5L

Overall Size mm (LxWxH): 1060x278x522

Weight: 78kg


*The diameter of the log is indicative – a small log can be difficult to split when it has knobs or a particularly tough fiber. On the other hand, it may not be difficult to split logs with regular fibers even if its diameter exceeds the max. figure indicated above.


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