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Greefield Fastcut 32 - 17.5HP Briggs & Stratton


Greenfield have over 40 years experience in perfecting their rideons to suit Australian conditions. Whether you want manicured lawns mowed or your paddock slashed Greenfields are tough enough to get the job done.Suitable for flat areas, hilly areas or hard to access areas.

This model is ideal for flat, sloppy paddock or lawn.

Engine - BRIGGS 17.5HP

Drive System:

Unique Greenfield Friction Clutch Drive, Heel and Toe auto variable speed

Cutter Deck: 32inch Fastcut Turbo - Aluminium Alloy with Stainless Steel inserts

Other features: Alloy wheels, large contoured seal, superior UV protected steering wheel, all panels zinc coated steel.

Accessories available: Tipper Trailer, Barrow Trailer, Grass Catcher and Dozer Blade


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