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Grillo Climber CL7.18 18HP Briggs and Stratton - 34" Deck


The Climber is designed for the rough stuff. Not everyone has a perfect backyard and the Climber will take care of one metre tall grass, weeds and brush. It’s capable of flattening an overgrown section, or those properties you can’t mow every week. It’ll also help you reduce the fire risk on your property. Rear discharge is the secret in this aggressive and effective cutting system. The Climber loses no power as it charges through grass, leaving an even spread of cut grass in its wake.

Engine: Briggs & Stratton OHV 18HP TWIN cylinder.
Economy: 3.5 lt/hr
Starter: Electric 12V battery
Gearbox: Hydrostatic Transmission
Differential with locking device
Clutch V-belt for P.T.O
Speed forward 0-9km/hr
Speed reverse 0-4 km/hr
Tyres front: 13x5.00-6
Tyres rear: 16x6.50-8
Brakes Front emergency & rear parking brake
Seat Sprung and adjustable
Cutting deck rear/side discharge

Cutting system
Central bar with swing tip blades
Cutting Width: 850mm (34")
Blade tip speed: 70 m/sec
Cutting height 6 positions: from 35-85mm, 1 travel position
Hourly cutting capacity: 6000 m2/hr approx

Internal steering radius: 485 mm
Fuel tank: 7 lt with 1 lt emergency supply
Front headlight

Length1895 mm
Width900 mm
Height975 mm
Weight253 kg

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